THE ETHICIST is a blog where AOM members can discuss ethical issues that affect their research, teaching and professional lives. THE ETHICIST communicates the Academy’s commitment to ethical conduct as a priority of the organization. The purpose of the blog is to raise awareness about everyday ethical issues and ethics in the context of the Academy and the profession. The blog also provides a location for experts to respond to members’ questions and concerns about ethics. The blog is sponsored by the AOM Ethics Education Committee.

Regular bloggers:

Benson Honig, McMaster University – bhonig@mcmaster.ca

Benson Honig
Benson Honig






THE ETHICIST has no fixed posting schedule at this time. In general, however, we will post no more than once per day and no less than once per week from early February to late May and from mid-August to mid-December.

We welcome suggestions for topics throughout the year.  Readers may suggest a topic for one of the regular bloggers on THE ETHICIST in the comments, or by sending an email to any of the bloggers; please put the words THE ETHICIST in the subject line of your email.

THE ETHICIST blog was launched in August 2011 under the Academy of Management Strategic Plan.  THE ETHICIST originated with three columnists.  We thank them for their commitment and contribution.

Previous Team:

  • Research: Lorraine Eden
  • Teaching: Kathy Lund Dean
  • Professional Life: Paul Vaaler