Scientists Behaving Badly: Insights from the Fraud Triangle

Blog No. 2011-02 (July 27, 2011)

Key Insight: Occasionally, journal editors are confronted with evidence that authors have engaged in unethical behaviors such as plagiarism, multiple submissions or fabricating data. What causes scientists to behave badly? I argue that the fraud triangle can provide useful insights into the pressures that lead scholars to engage in research fraud.

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Welcome to THE ETHICIST!

Blog No. 2011-01 (July 13, 2011)

Welcome, AOM members, to the first posting on THE ETHICIST, a new blog launched under the STRATEGIC DOING Initiative of the Academy of Management; the blog will focus on ethical issues that face AOM members.  THE ETHICIST is sponsored by the AOM Ethics Education Committee; its co-chairs are James Davis (Notre Dame) and Susan Madsen (Utah Valley).

THE ETHICIST, coordinated by Lorraine Eden, will have three regular columnists:

Research: Lorraine Eden – Texas A&M –
Teaching: Kathy Lund Dean – Idaho State –
Professional Life: Paul Vaaler – Minnesota –

One article per month will be written by each columnist, in rotation, starting with Research in August 2011, followed by Teaching, and Professional Life. Each columnist will be assisted by an advisory panel of four-to-six individuals chosen by the columnist. The AOM Ethics Committee and Ethics Education Committee will also be members of each advisory panel.  The purpose of the advisory panels will be to suggest topics and provide comments on drafts of articles before publication on

THE ETHICIST will communicate the Academy’s commitment to ethical conduct as a priority of the organization, and raise awareness about everyday ethical issues and ethics in the context of the Academy and the profession. It will also provide a location for experts to respond to members’ questions and concerns about ethics.

THE ETHICIST will reside as a blog on AOM Connect. The blog format allows for comments to be posted by any member of the Academy, and we hope that a dialogue on ethical issues will result from this interaction. Popular blog posts on THE ETHICIST may also appear in the AOM Newsletter.

Any member of the Academy of Management may suggest a topic for THE ETHICIST by sending an email to the coordinator and/or the columnists; please put the words THE ETHICIST in the subject line of your email. General questions
should be addressed to the coordinator.

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